Goddess of Technology (GT) is an organization and a podcast offering career guidance to current and aspiring technology professionals.

My name is Marie. I’m GT’s founder, owner, manager, content developer and podcast host. Alongside GT, I’m in a strategically consultative and mentoring role at a multinational software company. As of present, I’ve gathered more than 10 years of experience in the technology industry – an industry which I’ve been enthusiastic about since childhood.

My mission with GT consists in educating technology professionals on how to define, develop and track their careers – in effective, sustainable and mentally healthy ways.

For the long term, my vision is to motivate them to leverage their work-related success and competencies to make an impact in people’s lives.

To clarify, GT isn’t limited to women only, but is welcoming everyone who aspires to be successful in a technology-driven environment. Besides, there’s a goddess or god of technology in each one of us.

In case of questions and constructive feedback, I’m inviting you to message me via the contact page.