Goddess of Technology (GT) is an organization and a podcast offering career guidance to current and aspiring technology professionals.

My name is Marie. I’m GT’s founder, owner, manager, content developer and podcast host. Alongside GT, I’m in a strategically consultative and mentoring role at a multinational software company. As of present, I’ve gathered more than 10 years of experience in the technology industry – an industry which I’ve been enthusiastic about since childhood.

My mission with GT consists in educating technology professionals on how to define, develop and track their careers – in effective, sustainable and mentally healthy ways.

For the long term, my vision is to motivate them to leverage their work-related success and competencies to make an impact in people’s lives.

To clarify, GT isn’t limited to women only, but is welcoming everyone who aspires to be successful in a technology-driven environment. Besides, there’s a goddess or god of technology in each one of us.

GT was founded in January 2023 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


GT is driven by the following values.





About Marie

I’m a global citizen: I’m a German citizen who was raised in Germany and is today based in the Netherlands, whilst my family originates from France and the Philippine Islands. Since my teenage years, I’ve had the opportunity to live in more than 10 different cities across Europe, Asia and North America for work and study purposes and to travel to even more places.

Owing to my intercultural environment, I’m multilingual: I’m fluent in written and spoken English, French, German and Tagalog (national Philippine language) and have advanced skills in Dutch and Spanish.

A life-long learner, I graduated with a Master of Science in International Management and Psychology and a Master of Arts in Business and Technical Translating and Interpreting and gained multiple business- and IT-related certifications. Also, I’m a bookworm and an avid podcast listener.

In my leisure time, I feel energized by meditating in nature, combat sports, martial arts and different forms of art – including poetry and song writing, singing, painting, sketching and cooking.

In case of questions and constructive feedback, I’m inviting you to message me via the contact page.